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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

My Locations is a function developed by Geocaching Australia to create, edit and delete locations which you frequently refer to.

For example, if you are an active cacher involved with Moveable caches creating and maintaining a list of My Locations enables to you to see these locations when you log a Moveable cache and easily use the co-ordinates from the list of My Locations.

To create, edit and delete locations you can go to your My Locations which can be found under the My Profile link on the menu. You can get there directly from this link

You can create a new My Location by entering the data in the last row of blank text boxes. You can update any of your My Locations by editing the data in each line.

Enter a meaningful name for your location. This is the name that will be displayed to you on the log page. The list is sorted by the name (ascending). Enter a hint which will be automatically inserted for you. Enter a set of co-ordinates for your location and click the Update button. The page will be displayed again showing the new name, co-ordinates and a small, static Google Map for you to confirm your location is accurate.

To delete a My Location, simply click the Delete box and click the Update button.

My Locations are displayed on the Log page when you go to log a geocache. Simply selecting the appropriate My Location name from the drop down box will automatically populate the co-ordinates and the hint in the co-ordinates box. To clear the co-ordinates box, blank it out or select "Select a saved location" from the drop down box.