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This document is designed to inform New Zealand land owners about geocaching, what it is, how it operates...

What is Geocaching

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is in a cache?
  2. How does geocaching work?

Hiding Caches

  1. Are caches allowed to be buried? No. Burying caches is not allowed. Cache reviewers can often identify buried caches before they are listed and will not list the cache. On the odd occasion when a cache has been found to be buried, it is usually quickly archived and removed.

Cache Management

  1. Are caches maintained? Caches should be maintained by their owner. If they are not being maintained, then it is necessary to find a maintainer, otherwise the cache should be archived.
  2. How do I find out who owns a cache? There are various ways to find out who owns a cache.
    • Logbook inside the cache. Often cache owners will provide a contact email address near the front cover of the logbook inside the cache.
    • If you have a gps, record the coordinates, and then do a search on a cache listing service. Most allow you to search by coordinates. You can find the cache, and usually find contact details of the cache owner.
  3. Who do I contact if I have a problem with a cache? The first person to contact is the cache owner. If you have trouble contacting the owner, then you should go directly to the cache listing service where the cache is listed. If you still are having problems, contact the Society.


  1. What does do? was one of the first cache listing services and is one of the largest. It currently contains the most comprehensive listing of New Zealand caches.
  2. What does do? The Society provides a web site for those interested in the recreational use of GPS units. Geocaching is but one of the activities our members are involved and interested in.
  3. What are reviewers? Reviewers are responsbile for making basic assessments and checks before the cache is listed on a cache listing service. The extent of the checks that reviewers go through vary from service to service.


(we don't need a full glossary, just some key terms)