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Geocaching in NSW

Please visit the The NSW Dashboard to find Upcoming Geocaching Events, New caches, Unfound caches and the Most Often Recommended caches.

There are some interesting EarthCaches here too and this query lists them all.

Geocaching NSW

The Geocaching Association of NSW (known as Geocaching NSW) was formed in March 2008 to represent geocachers in the state and to be a point of contact for other bodies.

In 2010 The association successfully negotiated a new geocaching policy with NSW Parks and Wildlife Service, which now allows geocaches to be placed in some NSW National Parks.

You can find out more about the association and the NPWS discussions on the website


There are some very strong communities of geocachers in NSW who are always keen to help visitors and newcommers get the most from their area. Have a look at the Regions below, find a local guru or try a post on the Forum for some more information

There are a number of regional geocaching groups in the state:

  • Riverina Geocaching Inc. was formed in February 2009 with the express purpose of organising and running Australia's first Mega event. Since then the main aim is promoting geocaching in the Riverina and hosting small events. More information at
  • HAVOC is an anagram from Hunter Area Victims of Caching. It is free and open to any geocachers in the Hunter Area of New South Wales. More information at
  • The Illawarra Caching Community is a group where fellow cachers from the local area can share ideas, thoughts and information on any topics relating to geocaching in the Illawarra region (south of Sydney). More information at Illawarra caching community's Yahoo! group.


Blue Mountains

Central Coast

Newcastle & Hunter Valley

Northern Rivers

Wollongong & South Coast

Wagga & the Riverina

Geocaching in NSW National Parks

In December 2010, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service introduced their geocaching policy. It allows the hiding and finding of geocaches in some NPSW-managed land.

Geocachers wanting to hide a geocache on NPWS-managed land should read the policy and familiarise themselves with the conditions required by the various geocaching listing websites. More information is available on Hiding and listing a NPWS geocache on the Geocaching Australia website. Further information can also be found on the Geocaching NSW website

Finding a cache

This wiki has lots of good tips on how to find caches so have a look at this link first Finding_a_cache

Recommended Caches

Geocaching Australia has a "Recommendation" function in which finders of the cache can recommend a particular cache to others. Of course, this is based on the preferences of individual geocachers but it's often a good guide to the best caches. You can see a list of all the Recommended Caches in NSW here

You can also check out the wiki on how the Recommended Cache system works Recommended_cache.

Hiders Choice

Geocaching Australia also has a Hider's Choice cache which is a cache that the hider believes warrants special attention to those seeking caches in the area. You can see a list of all the Hiders Choice Caches in NSW here

You can also check out the wiki on how Hiders Choice works Hiders_choice_cache.

Hiding a cache

There is a lot of information in this wiki about hiding a cache so check out the details at this link first Hiding_a_cache.

Find a Geocaching Guide / Guru

People who are new to geocaching can be easily confused by the amount of information out there. Here you can search for your closest Geocaching Guide / Guru and make contact with them to help you understand more of the fun of geocaching.