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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

Geocaching has the capability for you to quickly publish a lot of geocache listings at once. https://geocaching.com.au/my/publish

You can hide a series or group of geocaches and while they are in DRAFT mode, you can select which geocaches you want to quickly publish, enter the log details which will be replicated for each cache that is being published and with a single click you can publish all of those geocaches at once.

This is a handy function if you are running an event and have a number of geocaches listed for the event and you want to control the exact time they are being published. You can publish them right at the event start time (provided you have access to the website) and ensure no-one has early access to the geocache information.

You can also use it where you have hidden a power trail or series. No more will you need to go through every single geocache, you can just select and publish.

The date of the publication will be "today" and the geocache listing will be immediately available for searching, reading or downloading to a GPS unit or via the Geocaching Australia family of apps.