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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.


The philosophy of Geocaching Australia is "free and open" which is the desire of the founders for a geocaching website where there will never be mandatory payment for access to geocache data and the data of the website can be openly shared to other websites. Data is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 deed. This is agreed to when a geocacher lists their geocache at Geocaching Australia.

Future development and game changing enhancements to the website are referred to the senate for a decision on the strategic outcomes presented by each new development or enhancement. Major decisions in terms of the direction of the website should be proposed to the senate who will help to formulate the acceptance or rejection of the position to be adopted and guide the website towards achieving that goal. This is done though the Geocaching Australia Senate forum. The role of Senator is not onerous and decisions are only likely to be taken a few times a year.

The senate will be formed by members from each state and territory in Australia as well as the North and South islands of New Zealand and the Geocaching Australia website developers. This will result in a maximum of 10 senators representing two countries plus the website developers. A state, territory or island need not be represented, but should a state, territory or island be not represented, they will continue unrepresented until the next election. In the event of a senator standing down, that state, territory or island will continue unrepresented until the next election.

Senators will serve a term of 12 months or until a new Senate election is held. Senators may stand aside at any time. Senators are eligible for re-election for every election. Nominations will be called for approximately 1 month prior to elections. Nominations must come from the nominee. If there are fewer than 10 nominations then one state, territory or island may be represented by more than one senator. If there are more than 10 nominations then a vote will be taken for any state, territory or island where there is more than one nomination. The senator will be elected on a "first past the post" result.

Governance of the website and the way that Geocaching Australia continues in the Australian geocaching space will be a collaborative effort between the senate and the developers. Voting in the Senate will be on a "first past the post" result. In the event of a tie further discussion and voting will take place.

When 50% +1 or more of the senators and developers choose an option, it will be considered a decision. Senators may "opt out" of voting, however their "opt out" vote will not be taken into consideration. Senators may not proxy their vote to another senator. e.g. If only 7 senators vote and there are 4 FOR and 3 AGAINST, then the FOR vote will be considered to the the decision even though there are senators who did not express a preference either way.

Enhancements to the functionality of the website where a function exists do not need approval of the senate. Enhancements to the functionality of the website where a function does not currently exist may be provided to the senate for review and discussion. Concepts for rewards programs shall be provided to the senate in confidence for review and discussion. Games do not need approval of the senate. Funding of the website will be via voluntary donations or from the profit on the sale of token goods through the shop. Items for the shop do not need approval from the senate.

Other administrative roles are not senatorial position although they may be filled by senators if the senator volunteers.

2017 / 2018 Senators

Nominations to be called in June 2017.

2016 / 2017 Senators

  • LouiseAnn - Victoria
  • Sol de Lune - ACT
  • ziggiau - NSW
  • Richary - NSW
  • crew 153 - Queensland
  • Laighside Legends - South Australia
  • J_&_J - South Australia
  • Chwiliwr - Western Australia
  • firnsy - New Zealand

2015 / 2016 Senators

  • LouiseAnn - Victoria
  • Firnsy - Western Australia
  • Richary - New South Wales
  • crew 153 - Queensland
  • Sol de Lune - ACT

2011 / 2015 Senators

  • firesafe (South Australia)
  • ruzzelz (Queensland)
  • Cheesy pigs (Tasmania)
  • Bewilderbeest (ACT)
  • Big Matt and Shell (New South Wales)
  • Papa Bear_Left (Western Australia)

2010 / 2011 Senators

  • Bewilderbeest
  • Big Matt and Shell
  • Cheesy pigs
  • firesafe
  • Papa Bear_Left
  • rhinogeo
  • ruzzelz