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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

Swaggies are no longer supported by Geocaching Australia.

Text and Image

Swaggie note

This is a draft note you may wish to distribute with your swaggie:

Congratulations you have found an uniquely Australian travel bug called a Swaggie. This Swaggie is a special item that has been released into the wild along with special instructions on what the Swaggie owner would like to achieve with their Swaggie.

Swaggies are not a regular trade item. If you remove a Swaggie from a cache you must be willing within a reasonable amount of time to log that you removed it and then place it into another cache.

When you place it into the next cache you must log it again with where you left it. Swaggies are identified by a special tag attached to them.

This tag at a minimum will have a unique tracking number and a website to go to log and track it. Swaggies can be logged at http://www.geocaching.com.au/

You need to make a note of this number and the tracking website before placing it into the next cache in order to log it on the website.