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Tasmanian Geocaching

Please visit the The TAS Dashboard to find any new caches, Upcoming Geocaching Events, New caches, Unfound caches and the Most Often Recommended caches. You can also find a Guru

Geocaching Tasmania Incorporated

Geocaching Tasmania Incorporated was formed in March 2007 to represent geocachers in the state and to be a point of contact for other bodies. Representatives from GTI have been meeting with National Trust and the Port Arthur Management Authority and will soon be meeting with National Parks and Wildlife Service, DPIWE and local councils to discuss a possible change in policy regarding geocaching in National Parks and other areas.

Visiting Tasmania

If you are planning a trip to Tasmania Discover Tasmania may be of benefit to find accommodation. It can also provide ideas on other tourist options within the state if you should happen to get tired of caching, although why would you?