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  • Mix 23:43, 2 Jul 2005 (EST)

"I was a bit equivocal about cache listing on GCA at first. I thought it was problematic but was willing to see where things went. Today I could not be happier. Things are progressing gradually but as a cache hider I am happy knowing I have a choice of places to list my caches. I have listed a few caches on GCA that I could not list on GC and its good not having to limit myself based on what a person half a world away thinks I should or should not be allowed to do. I am very happy to have some of my caches on GCA and will put more on in the future as the site grows."

  • zactyl 13:31, 14 November 2006 (EST)

"After a couple of years geocaching I got a PC interface cable for my GPS, and as I attempted to get set up for paperless caching, found that GPX files could be really useful. The fact that Geocaching Australia could provide these free made me think that it might be good to have a few more caches listed there! Most of my caches listed on GCA are getting regular finds, and some interstate visitors have their paperless caching setup so streamlined, they didn't even notice which site the cache was listed on until they logged it online! I'm really pleased with the growth of GCA caches in QLD since I moved here in February, and there are a couple of new teams here on the Gold Coast who aren't fussy about where it's listed, a cache is a cache!"