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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

Common Problems

The most common causes of login issuers are:

  • Incorrect username entry: Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. If your username you signed up with is (for example) GeoUser, then make sure you enter your username as GeoUser and not geouser.
  • You have an account at, but not at Geocaching Australia: You need to sign up here to use some of our services. Your account name can be the same as your one (in fact we recommend that), or different if you wish, and you can link them in your account's settings page.

Trouble Logging in after changing email address

Please note that when you change your email address the forum software places your account back in to the 'Approval' queue to be re-enabled by an administrator. This should be re-approved within a day or so.

It is very common after changing your email address to find you can no longer log in to The GCA Forums, Main Website or Both.

This is due to some quirks of the forum software (such as the re-approval feature mentioned above) and another 'feature' which results in invalid data being left in your browsers cache.

To rectify this issue, users should clear their Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.

If you are using Internet Explorer, this can be found under Tools - Internet Options then click on the "Delete Cookies" and "Delete Files" under the 'Options Tab. Shut down, then restart your browser.

Firefox users can do this task by going to Tools - Options then selecting the Privacy Tab. Under Setting in the Privacy Options box, make sure 'Cookies' and 'Cache' are selected then click the 'Clear Now' button. Shut down, then restart your browser.

It would be appreciated if this method is tried before contacting support.