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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.
Geocaching Australia can record your cache recommendations for others to see. You are allowed to recommend in a ratio of 1 recommendation to 10 finds (1:10).

Recommending caches allows other cachers to see what caches you felt were worthwhile. It can be useful for visiting cachers to plan a day out, for local cachers to see what quality is in the local area and to say thankyou to the owner for a memorable experience.

A recommendation does not indicate WHY a cacher recommended that cache.

It could be because:

  • A particularly cunning hide
  • A great place to visit
  • An ingenious container
  • Quality of the swaps
  • Or, something else entirely.

(Note: as an alternative, you can also record a 1-5 Rating for a cache.)

To recommend a cache

  • Go the the cache page of the cache you wish to recommend.
  • Click on the "Recommend" action on the right hand side.
  • Alternatively, in your log at, add the string *Recommended* (including asterisks, case insensitive) and when your log reaches Geocaching Australia, it will recommend the cache for you.

A FTF, Rating or Recommendation will ONLY be applied ONCE. It will ONLY be applied the FIRST time a log is loaded.

This stops the potential issue of: A cacher giving a rating of 3. Coming in and editing the rating directly, changing it to 4. Someone else loading an old GPX file which would change the rating back to a 3.

So even if you edit a log on GC, because the log has already been loaded, the FTF, rating or recommendation will not be applied as we cannot guarantee it's not going to overwrite a manual update.

Recommending your own caches

You cannot recommend your own caches, but you can flag them as Hiders choice caches.

Viewing Recommended caches

Recommended caches appear in bold gold text where ever they appear throughout Geocaching Australia.

You can also view:

  • Nearby Recommended caches

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