Smartphone Caching

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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

Historically, a dedicated GPSr unit was required as an essential tool when geocaching, but with the advancement in telephony technology even the most basic handset is usually equipped with a GPS chip.


  • Smartphone performs many additional functions. Internet access, Phone Calls, Online Maps etc
  • Familiar platform. Most apps are very easy to use and navigate.
  • Live logging of caches.
  • Some cache types (e.g. Beacon Cache) may require smartphone technology as part of making a successful find.


  • Shorter battery life
  • Usually not as rugged as a dedicated GPSr
  • Mobile service may not be available near GZ, so the geocacher must remember to save data offline.

Apps For Geocaching

Geocaching Australia does NOT have an official geocaching app for iOS, Android, Blackberry or other mobile platform. If you have such an application and it is faulty or you have a query, please contact the applications developer directly for help. GCA does not provide technical support for these applications.

Android apps

Two popular Android based caching apps are:

iOS Apps

Apps used by GCA cachers are:

  • GeoCube - Allows you to load AND LOG your GCA finds.
  • GeoSphere - This is a third party app that allows you to load GCA caches.
  • Looking4Cache - Another third party app in which you can load GCA caches. Download the free lite version or the paid pro version from the Apple App Store. Update: The 'Pro' version of this app is now free. The developer is stepping away from his project and is in the process of making this software open source.
  • Cachly – Allows you to load GCA GPX files. Can not log GCA finds through the app however.