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Geocaching has been practised in Australia for nearly as long as it has in the USA.

The first recorded cache in Australia, Lane Cove, is located in Sydney and was hidden on 18 May 2000 by Paul Edwards (aka "kerravon"). Paul, however, is not the first Australian geocacher. That honour goes to Victorian cacher George (aka "george71"), who planted that states' first cache, the appropriately named Melbourne's 1st on 8 October 2000.

The first South Australian Cache is Sandy Creek by Karl Gramp. It was planted 17 Dec 2000, and finally archived on January 4, 2002 after a request from a park friends group.

The first Tasmanian Cache is North Tassie planted 25 Feb, 2001 and still active as at 06 October 2005. This cache was planted by American, Jerry Medlin

The first Victorian Cache is Melbourne's 1st by George, hidden 8 October 2000 and is still active as at May 2011.

The first Western Australia Cache is Albany Quarantine. It was planted on 27 March 2001 by Lyn Pat and Nathan and is still active as January 28, 2007.

A breakdown of the oldest caches in Austalia by state is available here.

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