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The Garmin Colorado 300

The Garmin Colorado series has since been discontinued but is still a very good unit for geocaching. It’s signature multifunction dial made this GPS unit easy to operate with gloves or fat fingers. The rotary dial is tied to the unit’s configurable shortcuts menu. Because the Colorado 300 lacks the touch screen of its Oregon range counterparts, it also lacks the misty protective layer on its display. As a result, the Colorado’s display is a much higher quality and can be easily viewed in direct sunlight. By spinning the rotary dial with your thumb, you can easily zoom in and out of maps. Pressing and holding a direction on the pad shifts the display’s focus away from the user’s current position, enabling you to view different portions of the map.

The models in detail:

  • Colorado 300
  • Colorado 400c
  • Colorado 400i
  • Colorado 400t