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Geotalk is a podcast about geocaching, with a focus on Australia. The podcast is produced and presented by Spindoc Bob.

Each episode totals approximately 30 minutes and is released each fortnight (two weeks).

The podcast was inspired by Podcacher, which is produced by a husband and wife team from San Diego since March 2005.

Episode 1

Episode 1 was placed on the Internet on Saturday 11 November 2006. It included:

  • Geocacher profile of Mix
  • Preview of geocache events in Perth and Sydney
  • Interview by Papa_Bear_Left with ClydeE, creater of Geocache Swiss Army Knife

Subsequent episodes

Since then, Geotalk has covered various topics and included interviews with a number of Australian geocachers. These include:

  • Tankengine from ACT
  • Cached from South Australia
  • Dak's Emu Mob from Victoria

104 audio episodes were recorded in total.

Geotalk website

The podcast was hosted by Liberated Syndication at This site is no longer current.

Geotalk archives

An archive of the Podcast has been collated and maintained by Team MavEtJu.