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Facts to make you sound smart

Tea was first brewed 4700 years ago is the most drunk drink in the world after water. Fact!
Water was invented before tea. Another fact!

Brewing Kitchen Tea

Kitchen tea is not that hard but for some reason Mix keeps stuffing it up and it has effected his confidence so much I have decided to post some instructions on the Wiki to support him in his future endeavors to impress people with basic skills in coordination.

  • Find a jug. It's like a bucket but plugs into a wall. Failing this use a pot or kettle over a stove element or flame.
  • Fill a cup with water, preferably rain water to measure the right amount and then tip into the jug and heat to the boil. (Bubbles)
    • Note at this point: Don't touch the water with your skin. It will burn you.
  • While the water comes to the boil add a teaspoon of tea per cup of water to a teapot.
  • preheat the cups with hot tap water of boil extra water to preheat cups but do not preheat the pot.
  • Once the water is boiled wait 30 seconds to 1 minute before pouring.
  • Add water to pot and stir with teaspoon. Place lid on teapot and allow tea to brew from 3 (Weak) to 5 minutes (Strong) to taste.
  • Add sugar and milk is these are your preference to the warm cups before adding tea.
  • Stir the tea, milk and sugar before serving.
  • Green, Red, White and herbal teas require different brewing methods and temperatures. Never add straight boiling water to any tea.

English style of serving tea is placing a jug of milk, bowl of sugar and pot of tea on to table for each person to pour their own.

Bronze's tips to selecting the best tea for you.

  • Purchase tea as leaves in a sealed packet preferably from an emporium or coffee/tea house.
  • Be prepared to pay from at least AU$8 for 100 grams of tea.
  • Don't throw out tea leaves. You can allow tea leaves to remain in the pot provided you throw them out once every 24 hours.
    • By leaving the tea leaves in the pot the flavors blend and steeping times reduce for successive brews.
  • Try many different types of teas. Experiment with and without milk and/or sugar.
  • Coffee in the morning, Black tea at lunch, Green tea mid afternoon, Herbal tea before bed.

Why tea?

Tea is a relaxing drink that is enjoyed the world around. Don't like tea then the chances are that you had tea in a bag which equates to the scraps of quality tea being swept up off the floor of the factory. Bag tea is ground to hasten steeping times but as a result also dries out the leaves lessening the amount of flavor and oils that are so often considered enjoyable. Bag tea is like licking the bottom of a boot to gauge what a good lawn look like. I will admit though that the more expensive labels are improving.

I can also use complicated words like polyphenols, antioxidants, haemochromatosis, amino acid L-theanine, T cells, alpha wave stimulation, epigallocatechin gallate and Oxalates but I won't.

Tea in short may have some influence on the acquisition and prevention of some cancers, can prevent cardio-vascular disease if milk is not added and can reduce the influence of an excess of dietary iron. Tea can also reduce the influence of mouth bacteria that causes bad breath and can boost the immune system and increase mental alertness.

What has Tea got to do with Geocaching?

  • Everything if your into tea.
  • Tea gently raises the body temperature causing men to sweat and women to glow. This aids in cooling the body on a hot day.
  • Tea make you more mentally alert and relaxed so you don't get that "Night before christmas" feeling before a DNF.
  • Tea is a social pursuit which aides in assisting one to stop and smell the roses.
  • Teapot can calm people. The tea poured into mouth stops speech.
    • An empty pot administered harshly to the back of a head can render an individual unconscious aiding a convienient getaway period.
  • Tea requires a level of coordination superior to opening a bottle of Pepsi.

Editors note: Mix is a boxhead and beyond the help of any tea. Fact!

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