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The large cache is typically larger than about 20 litres in size. They are typically placed to cater for large swaps, an example being No Small Swaps in the Forest. They may include 20 litre drums, old wine barrels or even old fridges. The use of old fridges is not recommended unless all gas has been bled from the refrigeration elements and that the door has been removed. Thy can be a hazard for animals who get in but can't get out.

Of course anything this large takes a bit 'hiding' so there are 2 methods used. Firstly it can be well hidden in far away and muggle free places.

Secondly the hider can just face the music that it's bloody big and make it look like something else. This may include easy to recognise objects like letterboxes through to fake electrical/communication boxes complete with fake antennas.

20 litre bucket Wine Barrel 44 Gallon Metal 44 Gallon Plastic
20litre bucket.jpg
Wine barrel.jpg
44gallon metal.jpg
44gallon plastic.jpg

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