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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

A My Query allows you differing views of the caches on offer at Geocaching Australia by using a simple selector form to choose what criteria you are interest in. You can choose to view them on the screen, download a GPX file, ZIP GPX file, KML (Google Earth), GMAP (Google Map) or RSS feed.

You can also run a My Query that has been created by a fellow cacher and made available for public use.

Up until recently in order to gain access to a GCA GPX file you had to come visit the site, click the GPX or ZIP link on your My Query and download the file to your computer.

Now you can have those queries emailed to an email address of your choice on a day of your choosing. Select an existing query or make a new query. Make your selections.

At the bottom of the page there are tick boxes for a day of the week and an alternative email address. Tick the day that you want the My Query results sent to you. If you want the file to go to an email address OTHER than the one you use at GCA, fill in the email address. If you're happy for it to go to the same email address you use at GCA, you can leave it blank.

When you've made your selections, click save. On the next screen, click "screen" to check that the results you get are the results you want.

At around 1:00am, the My Query email generator will run for queries on that day, firing out your query in a ZIPped file to the address supplied. Please maintain a valid email address. Bounced emails may result in your My Query emailer being "unset". The format of the name is the same as a GC PQ so your automated GSAK macros should continue to work even with the GCA files.

You will notice that for My Queries which are scheduled to run via email a new blue envelope. If you hover over it it will indicate the last time the My Query was successfully run. If you don't get an expected email, hover over the blue envelope to see when it was last run. If it didn't run, you can always click on ZIP and download the file instantly. Please make any reports of issues in a new thread.

We have been testing this for some months now and over the last couple of weeks with additional Beta Testers and I'm happy to report that there have been no issues. Each query seems to fire off in just a couple of seconds, so I am not expecting to need a new dedicated My Query server for quite a while.

If you would like the convenience of having a GCA GPX file emailed to you on a regular basis, then go set one or two up.

This has been another function brought to you by your developers and YOUR new machine so kindly provided by the GCA community.