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A Stash note (or Cache note) is a sheet of paper indicating that this is a geocache, what geocaching is and what to do if accidentally found. While it is not compulsory, it is a very good idea to put one in your Cache and makes it less likely to be Muggled.

Stash notes are available in a variety of formats from a variety of sources, or you could even make your own. The Geocaching Australia shop also sells laminated business card sized stash notes. Some that have been made available include:

  • Geocaching Australia Google Docs Version (can be Edited online, or saved as many different formats)

A Log Sheet for Micro Caches has been made available by GIN51E. If you print then flip the page over and print Craigrat's PDF stashnote on the other side and cut out around the thick black border then you have a pretty good looking log sheet for most micros. It may take more than one go to work out which way the page should be turned.

If you want to promote your Caches which are listed on Geocaching Australia, Caughtatwork has made some suitable cards.

Here's a typical Stash note:


Congratulations, you've found it! Intentionally or not!

What is this hidden container sitting here for? What on earth is this thing doing here with all these things in it?

It is part of a worldwide game dedicated to GPS (Global Positioning System) users, called Geocaching. The game involves a geocacher hiding "treasure" (this container and its contents), and publishing the exact coordinates so other geocachers can come on a "treasure hunt" to find it.

The only rules are:

  • If you take something from the cache, leave something for the cache
  • Write about your visit in the logbook

Hopefully, the person that stashed this container found a good spot that is on public property and is not easily found by uninterested parties. Sometimes, a good spot turns out to be a bad spot, though.

If you found this container by accident

Great! You are welcome to join us! We ask only that you:

  • Please do not move or vandalise this container. The real treasure is just finding the container and sharing your thoughts with everyone else who finds it.
  • If you wish, go ahead and take something. But please also leave something of your own for others to find, and write it in the logbook.
  • If possible, let us know that you found it, by visiting the website listed below.

Geocaching is open to everyone with a GPS and a sense of adventure. There are similar geocaches all over the world. If you have any comments or want to know more: visit Geocaching Australia at

If this container happens to be sitting on private property and you wish it removed, please let us know. We apologise and will be happy to move it.