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A travel bug

A Travel bug is a hitch hiker (or trackable) that can be tracked on through a unique travel bug number imprinted on a metal tag.

Although it is possible to put travel bugs in caches listed on Geocaching Australia, we would rather you didn't because does not track a Travel Bug through caches it hasn't listed. The Travel Bug would 'disappear' as far as is concerned, eventually reappearing when it is logged into one of their caches again.

Travel Bugs can be purchased in Australia from Sphere Technologies. They retail for about AU$8 each.

Geocoins are a special type of Travel Bug.


Can Travel Bugs or other trackables be placed in Geocaching Australia caches?

While possible, it is a practice that should be discouraged as the site does not have a mechanism in place to show that the item has been dropped off in a non-gc cache.

The trackable item then goes into limbo, showing it as still being held by the last cacher. People setting out to seek the item will not be able to easily tell it's actual location. The stay in a gca cache also will not count towards any statistics belonging to that trackable.

GCA caches do not have a facility to show what GC trackables are held within them, nor does a GCA GPX export contain a list of the GC trackables held within.

GCA swaggies, however, WILL work on caches from most sites.

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