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Until very recently, Venturer Scout Assistant Branch Commissioner for SA. Going to take a back seat and be an Assistant Cub Leader.

Completely hooked on this hobby (geocaching, that is).

2 small cachers and myself do most of the work, with my Husband and other Venturers as occassional hanger-oners.


1st Cache : RAAF Chapel

50th Cache : Road to Portugal

100th Cache : Tinker Tailor Soldier Settler (VIC) 13 Sep 04

150th Cache : Christmas in the Carribean Dinner 8 Dec 04

200th Cache : The Pioneers on 28th January 2005 (My birthday present to me!)

250th Cache : Mars on 13 Apr 05 - thanks Astro!

300th Cache : Stuck in the Middle - thanks Kerrisons Clan. Completed with my Dad - Robtas - on his 100th.

1st Virgin : Old Nicks Plot

1st Event : Shankers Dinner

Best Event : Dubbo Goldrush, June 2005


1st Travel Bug found : Spiderman Just a Swingin (also in California now)

1st Travel Bug owned : Air Force Guy (currently in California)

Most Travelled Bug : Air Force Guy

1st Jeep Bug : 8 Dec 04


1st Traditional : First Catch

1st Multi Placed : First Northern Settlement

1st Mystery Placed : Northern Substitution 20 Nov 04

Cached in SA, TAS, VIC, ACT, NSW