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Prizes have been awarded at the conclusion of some games. Check out these shiny path tags that were minted for the MMMM 2023 game.

Geocaching Australia is renowned for its dynamic approach to geocaching. Enhancing the caching experience, Geocaching Australia frequently hosts a variety of games that incorporate elements of competition, strategy, and fun. These games, typically run for a short period, often spanning a couple of months, add an extra layer of excitement to the traditional geocaching hobby.

Current Games

No games currently in progress.

Previous Games

A GeGnome from the 2010 race waits to hitch a ride from a geocacher.

A retrospective look at the diverse and exciting games hosted by Geocaching Australia over the years:

Cacheopoly (2023)

Cacheopoly is a fun and exciting game that blends geocaching with the classic strategy of Monopoly. In this game, players move around a virtual board by rolling two digital dice. Each roll generates random numbers that determine your next position on the board, taking into account any extra points or penalties you might receive. The main aim is to collect as many points as possible, which boosts your ranking in the game. There's a leaderboard that shows where you stand at any time, helping you keep track of your progress.===Mid-Year Mystery Madness Months (2023)=== An exhilarating mid-year game, Mid-Year Mystery Madness Months focused on unraveling mysteries and solving intricate puzzles. Participants earned points both for cracking the puzzles and for successful cache finds, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the geocaching experience.

Battleships (2021)

Drawing inspiration from the classic board game, Battleships transformed geocaching into a strategic naval battle. During the game, eligible cache finds counted as 'hits' on a virtual game grid, with players aiming to locate and sink differently sized, randomly placed battleships.

Blitz Series (2019, 2021)

In the Blitz Series, geocachers engaged in a dragonZone challenge, racing against time to find as many unique, valid dragonZone geocaches as possible. Rewards, in the form of dragonZone points, were only awarded if the entire team exceeded the collective find target.

2020 Monthly Games

This year-long series adapted and thrived through the challenges of COVID lockdowns, introducing new themes and challenges each month. It offered a continuously evolving geocaching experience, keeping players engaged even during difficult times.

Showdown (2019)

Showdown was a clan-based dragonZone encounter, where teams competed to amass the most points from unique dragonZone geocache finds. The goal was not just personal achievement but also to elevate the clan to the top.

Journey or Destination (2018)

This grid-based game offered players a choice: follow a path to uncover a story or meander randomly, collecting points. Each eligible cache find or hide revealed a new tile, adding to the game's intrigue.

Spring Caching Carnival (2018)

In this game, participants' dinosaur-themed geocaches embarked on a global journey, accumulating finds, moves, and distance. The ultimate goal for each player was to guide their dinosaur to victory, earning the prestigious title of King or Queen of the Spring Caching Carnival.

GeosportZ (2016, 2018)

Coinciding with major sporting events like the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, GeosportZ mirrored the diverse disciplines of the modern Olympic Games, offering various challenges ranging from simple to complex.

States of the Nation (2017)

A competitive scavenger hunt pitting Australian states against each other in a race to find and hide geocaches. Spanning five weeks, participants tracked down hundreds of scavenges, converting their finds into points for their state.

Christmas In July (2017)

This unique event featured a new gift box each day for the first 25 days of July, with a special bonus on the 26th. Each box contained specific actions or criteria for participants to fulfill.

Summer Scavenger Series (2016)

Running from December 2016 to January 2017, this series was a comprehensive scavenger hunt, challenging participants to dive into numerous tasks to accumulate points for their clan.

GeGnome Project (2010) and GeGnome ][ Electric Boogaloo (2015)

Centered around the adventures of moveable garden gnome caches, these games tracked the distances and number of moves made by each gnome over the game period, adding a whimsical twist to geocaching.

Winter is Coming (2015)

Set in the cold weather, this challenge focused on controlling dragonZones and fulfilling personal goals. With a variety of challenges ranging from easy to potentially impossible, it tested participants' dedication and skill.

Angels (2013), Transport (2012), and Leapfrog (2011) Moveable Races

These races involved moveable caches, sparking creativity in cache creation and tracking their movements and distances throughout the game period.