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Geocaching Australia
This page contains information specific to Geocaching Australia.

What is Geocaching Australia?

Geocaching Australia is a community website for geocachers in Australia and New Zealand.

The community includes:

Testimonials are available...

and more!

Site Special Features

Geocaching Games

Quite regularly the Geocaching Australia hosts geocaching games to keep things interesting.

Past games include:


One special, continuously ongoing game is the dragonZone game, which has also been supplemented with some additional games, such as Winter Is Coming game.

Special Cache Types

Sometimes the Geocaching Australia website will work with others to produce a special cache type.

One such cache type/series is the Burke And Wills which was created with cooperation with the State Library of Victoria.

Geocaching Australia also has unique cache types such as Moveable geocaches.

Other Resources

See also Community resources for more resources for the Ozzie/NZ geocacher.


See also Caching in Australia for the history of geocaching in Australia.

The Geocaching Australia Team

Programming is carried out by Caughtatwork and CraigRat. Previous major contributors include Mind Socket& Ideology Geocaching & Riblit.

Our assistant Administrators are Snuva , Damo. and firesafe

Documentation is written by Riblit, Cached, The Ginger Loon, Ideology Geocaching and all the people on this Wiki!

Bandwidth and infrastructure is provided thorough community donations, and was previously provided by Ideology Geocaching.

The Geocaching Australia logo was designed by woodiebro. See also Faeries.

Geocaching Australia is not affiliated with Groundspeak, , or any other geocaching listing website, sponsor or association.